Monday, December 20, 2010

Mystery on the Mountain—The Ashby Affair

This week had new terrain, blue skies, a fine dusting of powder, poached trails (not by me, I swear) and all around excellent conditions at Plattekill. But there was one small thing out of place – a mystery of sorts. A shredded novel at the top of Upper Face, apparently The Ashby Affair—a Harlequin romance.

So how does a book get shredded on the hill? I know a tuned ski can be sharp but really. Did someone take to reading on the chairlift or was Macker reading a romance novel as he drove the groomer? No. Blame a Norwegian. Or Norwegians, or a music video producer named Alon Simcha. A group of Brooklynites found themselves freezing on the mountain on Thursday all in the name of art. Or, a music video (however you want to call it) with shots that had them trailing a Flexible Flier up the slopes to the top of Blockbuster – all while making absolutely sure nothing on that stacked sled (including The Ashby Affair) fell off or slid around, and then setting fire to it for the last scene. Now I don’t know who the Norwegian band is or the song but when I do I’ll post it and Platty’s moment in the sun. But as to burning books and sleds, that just seems cruel. Not to mention what it could do to the base—which I can report in this mystery remains unscathed.

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