Saturday, December 24, 2011

White Christmas 2011

While everyone else is having fires and chestnuts and dreams of mistletoe and sugarplums dancing all in their heads (which could be the effect of too much wine or whisky or other indulgences that won't get mentioned here in a family-oriented blog) the elves at Plattekill are working hard to ensure a white Christmas and a good opening day. And for all who don't remember last year's post, snowmaking is hardly easy. The pictures here might well give that away.

It's more a job of man vs machine vs nature. It's cold. You have to keep checking water pressure, lugging guns and pipes around, dragging them uphills on snowmobiles which is a bit like herding animals. Only at 11 degrees Farenheit. You have to getting ice off the fans and out of the pipes. Ice that comes flying off hard as bullets from the turbines. So when you ski this week, give it up for the snowmakers who've been out overnight and will be again tonight on Christmas Eve and on Christmas itself, riding another kind of sleigh to deliver the best gift of all. Powder.


  1. And Nolan and Macker and the whole team who's been making sure there's quality cover...