Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ice Carving and Snowmobile Drag Racing in Walton...

Time-based art and temporal sculpture are buzz words in the Big-A art world. They also rock the world of the SUNY Delhi ice carvers. Obviously ice sculpture is temperature-dependent, so the piece could last minutes or months. Now in Walton, you can see the Delhi culinary students pull out the stops. And the chainsaws, chisels and blowtorches. A class at the college’s culinary school focuses on ice carving and does, yes, far more than those ice swans popular at weddings in the 80s. On campus, the class, “Culinary Sculpting,” wields 300-pound ice blocks made in the school’s Ice Sculpting Lab.

To see the team at work (and they are, by the way, national collegiate champions competing annually Minnesota) head out to the Walton Fairground. This Saturday January 21st, there will be ice carving and snowmobile drag racing (we’re even supposed to be getting some snow). The event is an official practice session for the National Ice Carving Competition and an ACF (American Culinary Federation) sanctioned competition, which means there will be good carvers, and the winner matters.

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