Monday, January 9, 2012

Nearly A Powder Day at Plattekill With Harvey Road

Harvey shooting for the blog.

Where does Harvey Road founder of the awesome NY Ski Blog ski on his birthday? Not his home mountain but Plattekill. And here’s the proof on Powderpuff, where he stopped to do his job, shooting  down the hill. And, as if a birthday present just for him, Laszlo turned on the guns, (got out the "pixie dust," Harvey called it) on the The Face. So while Saturday had soft spring skiing, Sunday, which should have been hard and loud, was instead a powder day if you picked your runs right. What the gods won’t provide Laszlo and co will. And did.

And check out that grin. He's having a good birthday... 

The NY Ski Blog also deserves a big thank you (particularly after the heavy snows come and I hear rumblings that MLK Day is our day for some powder). They came out in November to clear trails, including some secret passageways through the trees. Read more here, and Harvey, come back to tell me where…


  1. Thanks Harv, and Jenn.

  2. Plattekill is a special place. The lodge has such a warm and friendly feeling. The views are great, the terrain is challenging, the snowfall is abundant. One of my favorite places in New York.