Friday, February 18, 2011

Free Skiing

What two words ring better to a skiers ear? Fresh Powder? Possibly... But I'll take free and I've got two ways for you to get it too. 1) "Like" Plattyon FB and if they get 2000 fans by the end of the month, the mountain will do a free day for their fans. (As of posting time they only need 350 more fans...).

2) The Plattekill Trail Map Competition sponsored by our fine fair mountain and WITC... Entry forms are at Plattekill but if you don't happen to be there this weekend (and snow is forecast so why would you not?) you can also email them directly to me. Make sure to include your age and contact info. Best interpretation wins. And as you're pondering just what that might mean, we've posted these pics of Freefall (below – and, my personal fave trail) and Blockbuster above. Block, as many fans know, has 1000 feet straight vert – the most in the Cats.

Thanks to Macker, I can also tell you just how it got its name. The guy with the bulldozer who cut the trail said it was too steep, dangerous and so on. "There's no way anyone can ski that. They’ll break their block." Hence Blockbuster was born. Meanwhile Freefall got its name from Laszlo's mom who won the competition to name it before he'd even bought the mountain.


  1. Blockbuster at Platty is perhaps the best fall-line drop of any Catskill downhill run. Picture this mt. in VT and you have a very respectable ski area. But keep it here close to home and let it dump!

  2. Indeed... And hopefully it will tonight and tomorrow.