Friday, February 4, 2011

Ice Harvest - A Must Do Activity For Kids Of All Ages

I always thought you needed to be a parent to go to the Ice Harvest Festival at Hanford Mills. I mean, what could possibly pull me away from the woodstove on my day off? But last year I went. And was amazed. Mainly because I actually dressed correctly for the weather and didn't get cold (but that may have had something to do with the 3 trips into the store for hot soup, chili and cider -yum!!)

But it probably had more to do with it being easy and fun. HMM has done this event so many times it always comes off without a hitch. This year should be no different. The ice is thick and the storm brewing and there is a good chance of snow. Hopefully, an incredible Saturday awaits you. HMM provides Yak-Trak's for your boots so you don't slip. You get to use all the vintage ice cutting tools - these things are way cool and would make for awesome props in a slasher movie. There are boat loads of volunteers there to help you get the ice block cut, moved to the exit ramp, up and in the vintage car to move to the ice house where it's stored.

To top it off there was all sorts of stuff going on throughout the grounds from the horse drawn sleigh ride, and ice carving (which starts in the morning so if you want to watch them do the actual carving go early). The blacksmith was on site and making nails and hooks. Some huge one ton cow (ox??) was hanging out (one half of a team named Ben and Jerry). This year SUNY Delhi's ice hockey team will be on site for added fun like pond hockey demos and you can attempt to score goals on them I think. For me a every cool new activity - how to cook on a woodstove demo in the Hanford house.

Hanford Mills Museum is in East Meredith so really easy to get to off of I-88 or State Hwy 23 in Davenport - to the south. Or up Elk Creek or Irish Hill from Delhi. It's at the intersection of County Routs 10 and 12. I've posted some photos here from last year. But go out and take your own and have some FUN!!! Plus, how awesome is it to come back on 4th of July weekend and eat ice cream made from the ice you helped harvest??

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