Saturday, February 26, 2011

Give A Hand To Those Who’ve Got Your Back

Next Saturday March 5 Plattekill’s Ski Patrol are having a benefit dinner. These are the men (and women) in red who work tirelessly on the mountain. They train for hours and are there when you need them. So give them a hand back.

Platty’s patrollers are an all-volunteer department and they pay for all their equipment. Everything from bandages to backboards, sleds, defibrillators and radios. So ante up. Pay out. It’s only $12—for chicken BBQ and Blues Maneuver. Also they’re a 501C3 – which means they’re an official charity, so any donations over and above your ticket price are tax deductible.

Perhaps another reason to turn out on Saturday? The Guinness girls will be serving up some fine Irish stout. There will also be a snowboarding Captain Morgan…

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