Sunday, February 20, 2011

Time to Make The Donuts

Rather than reading like a Dunkin Donuts ad from the 90s, the title should have a question mark after it. Like: “Where does he find the time to make the donuts?” The he in question is Macker, who, yes, makes donuts for Plattekill. As if it’s not enough that he keeps everything running smoothly and the mountain groomed (particularly after a thaw like last week) he finds the time to deep fry some dough.

And I should say for those who think that Dunkin Donuts (or Krispy Kreme) are the last word in donut-ness, try Macker’s. They’ve got a slight crisp on the outside and flaky inside. Oh, and a light dusting of powdered sugar or cinnamon. When I asked what the deal was with the donuts – meaning how the hell does he manage to cook them and do everything else (I personally have never made them. Anything that requires a deep fryer scares me) he said, “They’re round and have a hole.” And then laughed as if it was all elementary. In truth he’s been making them for years at Plattekill. It was one of his first jobs at the hill.

However, these days he doesn’t eat them. Macker – ever the perfectionist – doesn’t eat sweets – no cake, no ice cream. Only chocolate. It’s his sole sin (food-wise, that is). And if you want to experience the donuts, he’ll be doing them again next weekend for the cafeteria. They’re 3 for $1.50….

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