Saturday, January 15, 2011

East V. West

Okay now I know most people would take the West where snow and skiing is concerned, but I went to Alta and all I got was 4 lousy little inches. There was crust and hardpack – chowder and crud. For that I could have stayed home. Don't get me wrong (or feel sorry for me) I had a great time skiing the Backside and Ballroom and Baldy Shoulder and being off trail, but (and this a very big but) I was homesick.

There were seven inches at Platte the day before we left, followed by another 10 or so the day after. Then twelve this week. And more today – which was (is still if you're on the hill) thrilling. It only really started snowing in Utah as we left for the airport. So, I am happy indeed to be back at Platte – where even on the weekends (unlike Alta) there are no lift lines and you can have The Plunge say all to yourself. (The only thing Alta has over Platte? Better cocoa. Homemade with Droste cocoa in the Watson Shelter).

In Utah, we did, however, see two ermines and a Sun Dog aka a Snowbow (see the picture). It's literally a snow rainbow. Apparently the Native Americans thought it would bring snow – and it did ... for lovely Delaware County. Now click your ski boots together and repeat after me: There's no place like home. There's no place like home. There's no place….


  1. Should be more good EC winter comin' up. Great to have you back jen-k.

  2. The skiing on MLK day at Platte was outstanding, needless to say, but I, along with several kiddos riding the double were treated to one of Mother Nature's finer sights. As we were momentarily detained about a quarter of the way up the mountain, my daughter spotted a rainbow arc in the almost clear blue sky. It was not your typical rainbow that straddles the horizon and there was not a drop of precipitation. We all stared with the backs of our helmets resting against the chair. It lasted about three minutes & as the chair started to move it had completely vanished. Not sure if it would be called a snowbow (3 inches of snow did fall later that night!), but I would say tally one for the East.

  3. Plattekill over Alta, hmm interesting... But after visiting Plattekill this past weekend, I understand it.

  4. I love Plattekill but still. . . Alta averages 600" of snow per year; Plattekill -- 120". your mileage may vary.