Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Southern Comfort

Does this look like Southern Comfort to you? Nah, bet you were thinking it was Sundown.. but shortly after the triple chair was installed Sundown had a different name. Southern Comfort. And a story behind it.

A Roxbury businessman, also a skier, also a fan of Plattekill was a bit over the edge on Southern Comfort – and fell and broke his leg, hence the name. North Face was originally Barney’s Bluff named for Plattekill’s original owners golden retriever, Barney, yes. And, Barney was quite a dog – and quite a drinker …. He’d also sit at the bar and lap up beer. Indeed.

Shredded Mozzerella has a far more recent name. For the shredders. It was the terrain park’s original location when it was first installed and the name? That we can thank Danielle for…

The stories about the trail names are all from Macker, the man in charge of mountain ops… Now it’s up to you to draw your version of Plattekill’s trails with or without their original names. Or, new names that you think fit. Oh, and yes, routes through the trees are all welcome too.

The prize is a pair of tickets to Plattekill this season or next. And there are two age groups. Under 14. Over 14. No cheating and lying about your ages, now.

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