Tuesday, January 4, 2011

There's Snow Hope...

Remember what I said about Lake Effect snow? Take heart with this forecast...


  1. I enjoy your post -- and, along with my family, hold great affection for Plattekill. I'm interested in skiing Slide Mountain this winter or spring. (I use AT equipment.) Do you know where I can find good information about routes? And do you know if there's a core of Catskill backcountry skiers? Thanks!

  2. Great blog. My family and I have great affection for Plattekill -- it reminds me of my childhood skiing a small mountain in Vermont called Round Top. I'm looking for some backcounty advice. I want to ski Slide Mountain this winter or spring on AT equipment. Do you know where I can find information about good routes? Do you know if there's a core group of Catskill backcountry skiers?

  3. Zeb, hello, I know Round Top. I spent my summers there. Grew up in a NON-SKIING family but hiking that entire area of VT. You know it's a private mountain now....

    Now onto Slide, did you post on the Platty FB page? What about to Harvey Road and NYSkiblog.com?

    Ferd teaches AT at Belleayre -- super close to Slide -- and he might well know. You could call Belle and ask for him. Keep me posted on your search. As soon as I'm back I'm happy to help out and ask around. Also Bibianna who works the reception desk at the Upper Lodge is an AT skier and might have some suggestions too.

  4. Zeb, hi ... Some help from Harvey Road. There is at least one guy in the NYSkiBlog.com forum "skimore" who can probably help.

    Head to the forum, register and post the question. Answers will hopefully follow...


  5. Zeb ... register for the Harvey Road Forum and post your question.  Hopefully we can get you some help!

    Links above were more FYI. NYSkiblog posts on Platty and Slide Mtn.

    WITC is a great blog. Keep up the good work.