Monday, January 17, 2011

The In Crowd

This weekend Platte was happening. There was even a lift line. I’m talking three deep here, six at the most. The kind of thing that puts other mountains in perspective. Certainly it did when someone on the chair said he’d gone to another hill and had to leave because it was a zoo. Platte was not a zoo but filled with characters – including the owner Laszlo Vajtay working the lift, loading kids too short to hop on the chair alone and sporting a yellow “Courtesy Team” jacket and matching yellow safety glasses. Platte is truly a place with horizontal management – the owners do everything.

Skiing this weekend were art world insiders and the director of Wild Style who has a fondness for my fave little hill – calling it the secret Catskill powder stash (he first came a couple years back when there was great snow and no crowds). Seen at the bar après-ing to the band was even my favorite character from The Good Wife. That would be Eli Gold. AKA Alan Cumming… (The pic is one for reference. I didn’t take it at the bar… he was wearing a beard, but no suit..)


  1. The weather was just right for skiing this weekend. It's good to see Plattekill is bringing the celebrities out to the mountain.

  2. Meeting with Investors and Brokering equipment deals one day, running the lifts the next day,,, Undercover Boss got nothing on Laszlo Vajtay!!!!